About Dickson Films

Award winning Filmmaker Peter Dickson has proven over a long period of time to be a supreme storyteller.  His compelling and emotionally gripping documentary and short film work leave real impact and stand the test of time.

Peter's most recent documentary series "forged in fire -  features an in depth look at crickets greatest rivalry on and off the field - the Ashes.  His unique style and crafting of this Series resulted in a number of International Film Awards and the Series broadcast prime time on the Nine Network in Australia.

Peter began his filmmaking career 16 years ago alongside his late brother Rob (who was a pioneer and extremely talented Sporting Filmmaker).  That experience and learning has been instrumental in helping him develop into the filmmaker he is today.

His production company Dickson Films Pty Ltd utilises the experience and expertise of seasoned and world class cinematographers, writers and editors.

Featured Work